Name Tag

This page documents the creation of my LED enhanced name tag table tent. First I sketched my name in pencil leaving at least two inches of space on each side to leave room for a battery.


My idea is to place a red LED in the pupil of the eye in the letter R. I have decided to hide the copper tape circuit on the  back of the paper. I first poked the LED legs through the paper to see where my copper lines will connect noting the cathode(-) anode(+) legs.


Next I sketched out my circuit noting the direction of current flow and placing a fold pocket for the battery.


Next I run my copper lines with a continuous piece of copper from each terminal of the battery to the line for the LED. N.B. I do not have the LED through the paper at this point.


Finally I insert the LED and use copper tape to secure it to the circuit.



This is a great example of what can be accomplished with a paper circuit. The painting is by Jie Qi who developed Chibitronics paper circuits.

This work is supported by the Center for The School of the Future at Utah State University,, and Idaho National Labs,


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