Day One of Sewing Up Science Workshop

Welcome to the STEM-U Sewing Up Science Workshop. This blog will provide a tentative outline of the activities you will be working on throughout the week. I have created this blog on WordPress. I would like you all to create a blog of your own to create a lasting artifact that you will be able to refer back to during the busy school year. My entries will also continue to be available for your reference.

Last spring I taught a full semester course called Craft Technologies in the Instructional Technologies and Learning Sciences department. I have been living in Logan for a year now. Before starting my doctoral studies, I was an elementary science teacher in Brooklyn for 8 years.

The tentative agenda for the week: STEM-U_Agenda

Please click here for our preassessment:

Today we are going to be working with paper circuits and squishy circuits. In addition, we will be getting everyone up and running with WordPress on your new tablets. You will notice that these devices might be a little slow, but as teachers we all know how to make the best of the materials we are provided. I have created a blog entry with my NuVision tablet on how to make our first project of the day, which is a paper circuit enhanced name tag. I have found that it is best to have the camera over expose for the light for nicer looking images, below is an example.

Screenshot_2015-07-23-13-08-20 Screenshot_2015-07-23-13-08-45

These are screen shots to show how to access the exposure control. Touch the circle to the right of the blue dot. Then click the +/- icon (not pictured) and then click +3 or +2.

Head over to the Name Tag Post by clicking on this link:

This work is supported by the Center for The School of the Future at Utah State University,, and Idaho National Labs,


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