My Old Blog

Please visit to view the couple of blog posts I wrote while still working as an elementary science teacher in Bedford-Styvessant. I miss all my kids and coworkers very much. I am looking forward to working with children in the near future.

IMG_0857An image from my last visit to Brooklyn

This is a Test of the Blog Broadcasting System

I will be running a four day workshop on e-textiles for Utah teachers this August. The teachers will receive the same Android tablet that I am using to author this blog post. We will integrate the device as a way to document our projects.


We will preserve whiteboard conversations and document our circuits.


The device is a NuVision tablet. The first two photos were taken with the tablet. The third and fourth images were taken with my iPhone. I must I have been an Apple fanboi since 2000,so this all feels a little strange. This is a baby step towards the day I break my Apple addiction.




Here are the best projects that I have made in the past few years. I am more experienced with the fabrication than programming. I would love to partner with someone else that is a programmer to make clothing that interacts with pulse in a way to encourage physical activity between friends. Ideally this device would communicate with other such devices through the internet. Thank you for reviewing my application.

PennApps PennApps PennApps PennApps

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog. I am surviving the first month of being a PhD student. This past summer I packed up my family in NYC and headed west. I miss teaching elementary science in Brooklyn, but it was time to follow our family’s dreams. This will be a space for me to record my growth as a researcher in the hopes of making a dimple in the field of education. Thank you for visiting.